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One of the most significant developments in digital marketing has been the rise of social media over the past decade. Today millions and millions of people use social media websites. What this means is that businesses now have an incredible opportunity to market themselves on these platforms. There are people out there who have built million-dollar businesses from merely using social media platforms.

What's different about social media (and this is also why it's so effective) is that people who use it are networked with each other. This means that your marketing messages have the potential to spread through these networks and go viral, exposing your business to an exponential amount of people. If someone likes your business page, there’s a good chance that all of their friends will see it. This is what makes social media so incredibly powerful and also so useful for businesses. What’s also great about social media is that it's also an extremely cheap form of advertising, and in many cases, it can be completely free. This isn’t like running radio ads where you have to pay through the nose.

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The point is that social media is one of the best and easiest ways to build your business and brand. We provide a wide variety of social media marketing solutions. Whether that’s setting up a simple page for your business or advertising to the millions of people who use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, if you know your business should be on social media, you haven't done anything about it, then this is your opportunity. BT Web Group can help you harness the incredible power of social media for your business. Our team will draw up a strategy which your business can use to win big on social media. No matter what type of business you’re in, it’s possible to promote yourself on social media networks. To see how easy it is, get in contact with us today!

Here's How it Works...

Discovery Meeting

Initial Meeting to "Discover" how we can best assist you.

Research & Strategy

We research your niche and put together a strategy custom for you.

Deploy & Improve

We implement the strategy and improve it with daily checks.

Marketing Solutions for Your Business

  • Completely Transparent
  • Custom For Your Business
  • Detailed Monthly Reports to Track Progress

We will help you put together a Marketing Package for your business with the optimal strategy for growth within your budget.

Why choose our marketing agency for your projects

We build strategies for YOU. We work with all different sizes of businesses from start-ups to well established businesses. We will work with your budget and create a strategy for growth.

Services We Provide

Monthly Calendars

Receive a full calendar monthly of exactly what we're going to post in advance.

Monitoring Trends

Stay up-to-date with all the moving parts of social media to stay ahead of the curve.

Hashtag Utilization

We use the best possible hashtags for your business to ensure maximum exposure.

Full Control

You are in full control of your social platforms. We handle all the implementation.

Customized Calendars

See something you don't like? Let us know and we will change your posts until it's perfect for you.

Monthly Reports

Receive monthly reports going over in detail your engagement, likes, and conversions from social media.

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